If you know me, You know my story

Hello, it’s me, Milo Bravo.

I am driven by bringing forward human experiences (HX), whether that’s through business event strategy, data thinking, or existential luxury.

I’ve published a Master thesis on the role of virtual tech in the transformation of the meetings and events industry, and I am currently pivoting the EULAR 2020 Congress into a virtual experience.

I also served as board member of the MPI EU Advisory Council and currently of the Signature Event Education Committee.

I am occasionally writing about Swiss made and  luxury branded experiences. In addition to writing, I am working to enlist the Luminaria Festival as a UNESCO Intangible Heritage and exploring the world.

Finally, I am fortunate to share everything interesting I’ve experienced, read or found with 3,000+ people on my various channels.

Fundamentally, I am my body of work

Collaborating, Learning and Volunteering

The Meetings Tree

Curated Innovation for Luxury Brand Experiences

The Power of Allusion

What They Say

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I curate and document about everything from event strategy, luxury brand experiences and my global pilgrimage. And continue writing about new things as my interests change.

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