My name is Milo Bravo and I am using my global mindset, serial optimism and data thinking to deliver collaborative experiences for corporate and social businesses.

My commitment to developing revenue-generating and data-powered meetings and event projects with a strategically-aligned purpose has led me to collaborate in a range of projects over the over the past few years. 

My bodywork features various elements of strategic project management such as event design, stakeholder liaison, financial processes, contract negotiation, experiential marketing, digital strategy, logistical operations and performance analysis. 

You know now my name, but not my story.

11 |  A world of curated bespoke experiences

As an strategic design thinker with a global mindset I use my intelligence, commitment, and serial optimism to create transformative event experiences that drive towards thought leadership, foster collaboration among and build a lasting legacy.

10 |  Here I go (again)

Once I published my master thesis on the role of virtual technology in the meetings and events industry, I graduated and consciously deliberated to start something new by moving to Switzerland. Since then I have made of Zurich my home, while getting familiar with my new environment, as well as following German language courses, networking and engaging in freelance and social projects.

09 | Sybarite + marketer + strategist in the French Riviera  

After a short stay in Shanghai, and driven by the creation of strategic experiences for brands, I decided to relaunch my career in Paris, and joined a Destination Management Company as a junior project event manager. Parallel to my professional endeavours I obtained an academic excellence scholarship for my Master program in Strategic Event, Travel  and Hospitality Management at SKEMA Business School located in the science and business hub of Sophia Antipolis and with the majestic Cote d’Azur as a backdrop.  

08 | The rise of a global citizenship in Asia

During the second half of my graduate program and once again thanks to an academic excellence scholarship, I ventured into a journey in Asia, a region where my geographical imagination had taken me many times. I completed my international trade studies at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea. This was a unique range of learning processes leading to the creation of synergies and the development of an intuitive knowingness of some of the fastest growing global markets.

07 | Memoirs of the Americas

Shortly after my return to Paris, I encountered a new exciting chapter in my life, and spontaneously applied for an academic scholarship. I soon took a plane (with a long stop over in Mexico) heading to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where a started a graduate program in International Trade and Commerce, which was accompanied by a professional assignment and the opportunity to discover the richness of the South America. During the following summer I had the chance to live in Toronto, where I volunteered at a mega sporting event before concluding my journey in the Americas. Thanks to this overall experience I grew my curational mindest and my drive for the creation of strategic event and travel experiences.

06 | African Legacy, everyone in everywhere

Undergrad at PSB encouraged me to expand my knowledge in relation to development economics as well as subjects in the area of sociology of rural development, I decided then to spend sometime in the continent of untold stories, Africa, added to personal reason too. During my time in the Republic of the Congo, I joined initiatives to build peace and social cohesion, specially among minorities. It was an intense experience to say the least, but it opened my mind to a world I never knew existed and forced me to think deeply about purpose and legacy. I also affirmed in me that I have the potential to impact the world.

05 | Paris ma ville lumière

After the completion of my high school studies in Mexico I traveled around Europe, and settled in Paris, the city of the lights, where I mastered my French and started a BBA in Marketing at Paris School of Business. PSB opened the gates for live event experiences with global impact and gave me a holistic, global perspective— one I did not fully get growing up in a small town in central Mexico – it was here where the sleeping the world explorer awoke within me.

04 | The big (early) move

I moved out of my parents’ house to a bigger city in order follow an international high school program, the following years soon became an early adulthood development period. Although I encountered adversity,  the Tecnológico de Monterrey not only provided the needed academic platform but it gave me great love and support from minority groups and I undoubtedly developed a character rooted in respect, collaboration and compassion.

03 | My sisters are legion

Since early in our life, my two sisters and I were cultured to be strong individuals but even stronger as a unit, we developed together an aesthetic appreciation of nature and spaces, services and event experiences and a strong appreciation to our community. I come from great gifts and tradition, and I will continue carry forward with the family legacy.

02 | The Long Reach of Childhood

Oratory and karate, playing piano and chest, theming and styling birthday parties, sow our own food, and climbing trees, these were my childhood loves. I turned to these gems to free my mind and my imagination. Through them I learnt how to think for myself, solve problems, develop the discipline of gratitude, and be proud of my story.

01 | Stand on the shoulders of giants

My heritage is diverse and rich. My ancestors strived to ensure I could thrive in a better world, they were gifted in community leadership — my grandparents were entrepreneurs, business owners and advocates of sustainable agriculture and the preservation of cultural heritage. My mother is a talented hotel manager, my father is a teacher and defender of the indigenous peoples and land rights, both are gifted leaders.